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The odds of SARS2 infection

During these plague times, I have been keeping myself pretty heavily isolated. I lasted about 2 months before yearning for in-person social contact. Starting by hanging with friends and coworkers outdoors, I found this comfortable even without a mask. Until now, I had been judiciously staying away from indoor meets though, wary of poor ventilation and purification, even if the place wasn't well trafficked. This post encompasses my effort to roughly calculate the odd of transmission in such an environment.

Cannabidiol drug interaction potential

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid and present typically in low concentrations within the cannabis sativa flower. It is purported and investigated for its hypothesized and observed beneficial psychotropic and biological effects in various domains. With societal acceptance of cannabis consumption on the rise in the US, we are increasingly seeing CBD-focused products hit the open market and interest in these potential benefits on mind and body. It is also an inhibitor of liver enzymes that process a plethora of other drugs, slowing their breakdown and clearance. This is one way an interaction can occur, and potentially has implications when combined with other drugs that are processed by the same enzyme. Do we know enough about CBD to determine if this could be ganerous?

Cautions against soy for folks on transfem HRT

Soy isoflavones are established estrogen disruptors in having anti-estrogen effects with high binding affinity and concurrently low transactivation potential at estrogen receptors. They are numerous and are implicated in a complex metabolome involving genetics, lifestyle, and synergistic gastrointestinal microflora. The current state of research into the extent of these properties on populations is lacking. Regardless, I've tried my best to make sense of how this may hormonally affect people on transfem HRT, as this was an early concern in my own transition.

COMT mutations and stimulants

I have ADHD that I've been treated for off and on throughout my life. Recently, I sought psychostimulant treatment as I was having trouble being interested in projects at work that were necessary and prolonged. I had pharmacogenetic testing performed several years ago, and at that time found it odd that it had remarked on increased stimulant side effects, considering I'd had no problems with them in the past. Having put it out of my mind, I was blindsighted by what was to come.